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Doepke 09916359: AUTOMAAT DLS6 I 63A 4P 10KA C


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Levertijd +/- 5 werkdagen

Doepke 09916359: AUTOMAAT DLS6 I 63A 4P 10KA C


The function of miniature circuit-breakers is to automatically cut off circuits to protect cables and connected devices. After being cut off, they can be switched back on manually without fuse inserts, for example, having to be replaced. All of our miniature circuit-breakers have a trip-free mechanism that guarantees reliable switch-off, even for mechanically blocked switch toggles for example. The DLS 6 miniature circuit-breaker variant protects cables, lines and installation devices from overload and short-circuits as laid down in DIN VDE 0100. The variant comprises a large selection of different types for switching in residential and purpose-built buildings, and for industrial applications. Its compact design means the DLS 6 miniature circuit-breaker provides maximum space for ease of wiring. The large clamping area and ability to use commercial wiring rails ensure simple installation. It is also possible to connect a number of additional devices such as operating current trip and auxiliary/fault sensors. Its high rated switching capacity of 10 kA means the DLS 6i variant is particularly suited to usage in industrial systems. Switches with tripping characteristic C are optimised for power circuits with high inrush or peak currents.


rated switching capacity 10 kA, screw terminals with strain-relief clamps with wide terminal cross-section range for rail and line wiring on both connection sides , special quick fastening for removal of multiple miniature circuit-breakers from the bottom or top interconnection, large, folding label window for a secure hold and protection of the label, use of conventional wiring rails, ON/OFF switch position indicator on the switch toggle, accessories retro-fittable on the right, labelling software free of charge

Mounting method:

quick fastening to mounting rail, any installation position


suitable for use in power supplies for industrial facilities and purpose-built buildings or buildings for commercial use



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