Doepke 09500043: Schemerschakelaar DASY 10, 230VAC 10A wit


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 45,54  75,90 (incl BTW)

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Doepke 09500043: Schemerschakelaar DASY 10, 230VAC 10A wit

Twilight switches, 230 V AC, 10 A, signal white


Twilight switches switch on electrical consumers when it turns dark and switch them off again when it turns light. The Dasy series devices are twilight switches with a fixed hysteresis. A rotary potentiometer allows the twilight value, at which the lighting is switched on, to be reset. The lighting is switched off when the brightness level reaches 1.5 times the set value.


wide adjustment range of 1 lux … 200 lux and high switching stability, quick and precise adjustment of switching values thanks to logarithmic characteristics and instant LED, significantly reduced sensitivity to visual feedback through fixed hysteresis, no undesired switching when there are short-term changes to the ambient brightness, temporary suppression of switching delay after adjustment for immediate load test, robust switching contact allows switching of lamps offset in parallel, large connection space and cable glands for easy wiring

Mounting method:

On-wall housing for wall mounting indoors and outdoors. Mast or pipe mounting is also possible if the optional mounting kit is used.


Control of lighting for streets, buildings and industrial premises.



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